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Author Jason Wharton

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Jason Wharton

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> Jason,
> Thanks for the reply - I'm sure using a keyboard is the last thing
> you want to be doing right now!
> I have a program (called 'DBProducer') which connects to our company
> database and allows SQL scripts to be run against it to extract data
> into DBF files. These files are then accessed through Lotus Approach
> to allow rapid generation of reports, which are then used as
> prototypes and recoded into our business software.
> I can send you the source for DBProducer and we can talk it through -
> where should I send it to? This list or your private email?
> I've altered DBProducer to work with Mike Skolnik's SMExport at the
> moment - it doesn't work fully either! I can alter it back to using
> the original IBO components, so I can have it ready for early next
> week.
> Thanks again for the response, and hope you have a quick recovery,
> Gary.