Subject RE: [IBO] V4.7.16 enhancement plea
Author Jason Wharton

I am in the process of revising the parsing of JOIN clauses and I would like
to take a look at this issue. Please send me a DDL (or FDB) file and a
simple sample application showing the use cases that IBO fails to handle

It is true that IBO does not do well with JOIN clauses that are entirely
contained within brackets and I'm not even sure exactly how or why someone
would want to do this so I would be most comfortable working with your case
than trying to cook one up myself.

Also, if you would do some research on the use of brackets in JOIN clauses I
would very much like to gain a better understanding. My use of SQL in all
my applications has not demanded that level of depth so I would like learn
more here.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] V4.7.16 enhancement plea
> ( 'Brackets' english = 'Braces' US) ;-)
> A while back the problem came to light that the use of '('s
> in join caused
> unpredictable results in the latest version.
> eg ((a join b on blabla) left join c on bladebla)
> I accepted that the brackets are completely useless and
> shouldn't be there
> and couldn't recall where I got the idea of using them in the
> first place.
> I searched my app for variations of 'from ((' and ')left' and
> ')join' to try
> and remove them all.
> Since then one has fallen through the cracks and caused a
> customer to print
> 40,000 pages of a 10 page report. Also some posts on the
> FirebirdSQL forum
> have shown that other people have used brackets in joins.
> My plea therefore is to have IBO throw out an invalid join
> syntax error
> rather than carry on with unpredictabe results ;-)
> Regards
> Paul
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