Subject Exporting large text fields to a DBF file...
Author bamber12001
Hi all,

IB_Export doesn't export fields with more than 254 characters to a
DBF file properly, unfortunately - it would have to create them as
MEMO fields (and also create the DBT file that they are stored in).

To try to overcome this limitation, I have installed SMExport from
Scalabium software. This gave me further problems with rounding of
floating point numbers, among other things. I was unable to resolve
my problems with this, and my SMExport license has since run out.

I have two choices:

) Use another component suite to export to DBF files. I cannot find
any that are compatible with IBO. Does such a thing exist?

) Request that the facility is added to the existing IB_Export
component in IBO - would this be a possibility?


Gary McLagan.