Subject Re: [IBO] bookmark
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:22 AM 17/05/2007, Woody wrote:

>The WHERE clause is limiting records to a certain extent by only including a
>range of records the user wants to work within. They can then be hand picked
>to include/exclude the ones you want. There is no other way to do this
>without selecting each/any/all records using bookmarks. Not to my knowledge
>anyway. You can't build a where clause to fit human choice, you can only
>iterate through their choice(s) given the overall result set.
>I understand perfectly the point about network traffic concerns but there
>are times when it is the only way to provide a certain type of user
>selection. After they have selected the records, the key field(s) are used
>in the end result queries, but the selections still have to be made manually

Correct: but we were talking about select ALL in this thread. While
operating on a selected *subset* along the lines you describe
__might__ make sense under some conditions, it doesn't make any sense
when the operation applies to the whole set. (But note, I said
"might" is pretty hard to justify client-side looping through
multi-row sets to perform no-hands DML!!)

>And of course, this has become way OT so my apologies to the group.

No need to apologise. This is very much ON topic for people who are
in transition between desktop databases like Paradox or Access and
client/server systems like Fb and IB. These legacy "fat client"
looping techniques -- so tempting for former Paradox users -- are
performance killers on networks. After TTables, the delegating of
searched DML to the server is probably the biggest mindshift required
of Delphi database programmers.