Subject Re: [IBO] bookmark
Author Woody
From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>
> But "Select All" makes it so that the operation you describe would be
> performed on the client. That is very desktop database (slow, noisy)
> and not client/server-like at all.
> The set's SQL already has the WHERE criteria that select the entire
> set. The client/server way would not be to process the set at the
> client but to construct an update statement and execute a DSQL to
> perform the operation. Consider the difference in traffic across the
> network....

The WHERE clause is limiting records to a certain extent by only including a
range of records the user wants to work within. They can then be hand picked
to include/exclude the ones you want. There is no other way to do this
without selecting each/any/all records using bookmarks. Not to my knowledge
anyway. You can't build a where clause to fit human choice, you can only
iterate through their choice(s) given the overall result set.

I understand perfectly the point about network traffic concerns but there
are times when it is the only way to provide a certain type of user
selection. After they have selected the records, the key field(s) are used
in the end result queries, but the selections still have to be made manually

And of course, this has become way OT so my apologies to the group.

Woody (TMW)