Subject Re: [IBO] bookmark
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:43 AM 17/05/2007, Woody wrote:
> >
> > This question makes me itchy. As a matter of curiosity, why would
> > you want to do this?
>Helen, not to be picky, but there are a number of processes that may require
>this. For instance, in one of my apps, there is built in archiving for
>fiscal data. Throughout the year, they will archive completed orders, etc.
>and they can show a form that will display all records matching certain
>criteria such as closing date, etc. that they enter. The resulting records
>are displayed with an option to mark one, more or all records for
>archiving/unarchiving. I can then loop through all the marked selections and
>create a list which is then sent to a thread for processing the records in
>the background.

But "Select All" makes it so that the operation you describe would be
performed on the client. That is very desktop database (slow, noisy)
and not client/server-like at all.

The set's SQL already has the WHERE criteria that select the entire
set. The client/server way would not be to process the set at the
client but to construct an update statement and execute a DSQL to
perform the operation. Consider the difference in traffic across the