Subject Re: [IBO] bookmark
Author Woody
From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>
> Note that this selects (or, if the argument = False, deselects) ALL
> rows in the dataset, not just those that have reached the
> buffers. And of course, since it implies a buffered set, it only
> works for TIB_Query, not TIB_Cursor.
> This question makes me itchy. As a matter of curiosity, why would
> you want to do this?

Helen, not to be picky, but there are a number of processes that may require
this. For instance, in one of my apps, there is built in archiving for
fiscal data. Throughout the year, they will archive completed orders, etc.
and they can show a form that will display all records matching certain
criteria such as closing date, etc. that they enter. The resulting records
are displayed with an option to mark one, more or all records for
archiving/unarchiving. I can then loop through all the marked selections and
create a list which is then sent to a thread for processing the records in
the background.

Woody (TMW)