Subject TIB_UpdateBar
Author renato.smiranda

I'm new to IBO and I have many questions about the use of its components.

But there is one related to the TIB_UpdateBar that is more important now:

I have a Form that register users of the System. The user has to
inform, among other things, the password twice (two TIB_Edits). The
problem is that BEFORE the post I have to check some inconsistences,
for example, password with the same characters, sequences 12345, or
54321, or abcde, or ABCDE, length less than 5 characters, or wrong

Wich event could I use to perform these checks and abort the post
until correction, without lose data previously informed ?

I tryed TIB_Query.BeforePost, TIB_UpdateBar.BeforeAction and some
combinations between them. Normally, I lose the previous information
and a new empty record was shown.

Thanks for any help.