Subject IB_Bar Buttons not appearing correctly under D2007?
Author Adrian Wreyford
Does anybody have advice on how to get the buttons of the IB_Updatebar etc
to appear correctly in D2007, when runtime themes are enabled for the

These are just beautiful buttons compared to D6!

But when using property flat := True, the buttons only display correctly
when the mouse moves over them, and when their state changes, they don't
change back correctly once the state changes again .. this is very
disturbing visually.

If I set property flat := False, then the buttons display properly, and even
when state changes.

They do however have small little circles on each corner, that are visually
disturbing, but still visually much more appealing than D6!

I do however need to keep the buttons flat to keep the look of my project

Could anybody advise me as to how this could be fixed?



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