Subject Lookup sizing issue
Author Daniel Jimenez

In the past suing the IBO4.6 version we had some issues with the use of a
LookupCombo and LookupList when placed within a Grid, for the purpose of
using it as a Master-Detail relation ship.

The issue was that the first time the dropdown was access by the user, the
autosize would not work correctly, but subsequent uses of the dropdown after
this initial one would be perfect. By the way we never solved this.

Now, as I am currently looking into the IBO4_7_Build16_Eval using BCB5, I
have been asked to see if this issue (as describe above ) has been resolved.
Unfortunately after writing a very quick demo, I find that the problem

Could someone in the group please prove me wrong.

Note: If you like a look at the BCB5 demo please let me know, so I can
upload, or send privately

Thank you in advance