Subject RE: [IBO] Lookup sizing issue
Author Daniel Jimenez

Does anyone in the group know how get the LookupCombo & LookupList
combination to size correctly. I.e. if the LookupList only has one item, the
first time the user uses the dropdown, she/he will not see the entry, but if
they are to click on the dropdown again it works fine.


>In the past suing the IBO4.6 version we had some issues with the use of a
>LookupCombo and LookupList when placed within a Grid, for the purpose of
>using it as a Master-Detail relation ship.
>The issue was that the first time the dropdown was access by the user, the
>autosize would not work correctly, but subsequent uses of the dropdown
>this initial one would be perfect. By the way we never solved this.
>Now, as I am currently looking into the IBO4_7_Build16_Eval using BCB5, I
>have been asked to see if this issue (as describe above ) has been
>Unfortunately after writing a very quick demo, I find that the problem
>Could someone in the group please prove me wrong.
>Note: If you like a look at the BCB5 demo please let me know, so I can
>upload, or send privately
>Thank you in advance