Subject Re: [IBO] Same errors in 4.7.16 as in 4.6, with searching and filtering
Author Antti Kurenniemi
Jason, can you please comment on this - have you tested the latest builds
against the sample app I made a while back, or would you like me to send it
again? I added a demonstration of the filtering problem with subquery in the
same sample, so if that helps you it would greatly help me, too...

Antti Kurenniemi

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Subject: [IBO] Same errors in 4.7.16 as in 4.6, with searching and filtering

> Hello Jason,
> I've tested the 4.7.16 build, and have the same errors in searching and
> filtering as I did with 4.6: Searching does not work very well at all
> using
> IncSearchEdit, and setting a filter with a subquery in it results in a
> filter string with commas between each and every word, which obviously
> fails.
> I have a sample app that I can upload if you need one?
> Also, I couldn't install from the raw sources, there was an error about
> some
> function entry point not found, but unfortunately I didn't write it down
> (my
> fingers are faster than my brain it seems ;-). The installer worked fine,
> but I'd need to translate some strings in the consts file, so I have to
> use
> the raw source method. Is this a known problem, or do you want me to test
> this again and get the exact error for you?
> TIA,
> Antti Kurenniemi
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