Subject RE: [IBO] BDE Emulation Issue
Author Jason Wharton

> Turning on request live as I saw for other peoples
> issues in the archives made this work sort of...
> but on my original bde query does not use request
> live so I was grasping straws and this one worked.

One thing to beware of is when using cached updates it is often desirable to
include the old values comparison in the WHERE clause as a means to prevent
overwriting values that others have updated. You may not care either, but
this is a common strategy to avoid conflict resolution. Setting RequestLive
to true leaves the generation of the SQL for handling updates to IBO and it
may not do things exactly the way you want.

> The other part to the picture (the sort of part)
> is that when I close the query and change the SQL
> in the IBOQuery it don't do an implied cancelupdates
> when I close the query. I must explicitly call
> cancelupdates, then do the close, then change the
> sql and prepare it for use, the bde held my hand
> on that one. No biggie though, those are easy
> enough to find in my code since I did do this in
> functions called setupqueryXX, clearqueryXX under
> the datamodule for each query.

I consider this a bug in IBO and I will add this to my list of issues to
resolve. Mind you, this isn't a list in publishable for. It is a folder
where emails go with potential issues that I work on when time allows.

> At any rate, this is a large program that is
> working surprisingly well so far in my tests
> despite the little issues I am running into.

Good to hear!

Jason Wharton