Subject RE: [IBO] FB2 Niggles
Author Jason Wharton
> I have FB2 up and running on a nice new Linux box, and have been
> testing things out to see what I need to change. I've downloaded the
> latest IB_SQL to check access and the like, and I noticed
> that BIGINT is
> a little inconsistent. The metadata extract gives BIGINT, but
> the source
> tab shows DECIMAL(18,0) and the fields tab gives (Int64)
> DECIMAL(18,0).
> Any chance of some consistency here Jason - although backwards
> compatibility may be the problem?

The extract has special settings to govern whether BIGINT is used or not. This setting is specific to the extract so it wouldn't be possible to make it a global setting somewhere to force everything to be consistent. You can turn off the use of BIGINT with the metadata extract. The other areas use the older syntax in order to be more likely to work in a backwards compatible manner.

> Also it did seem that the metadata extract took a LOT longer
> to run, but
> that may be the database I was accessing. It's been a long
> time since I
> ran an extract, but I don't remember waiting minutes while it plodded
> along? And this machine is a lot faster than those I used to use :)

This likely has to do with how quickly the queries are performed.