Subject FB2 Niggles
Author Lester Caine
OK I know I should have been testing FB2 by now ;)
The customer base will not be changing from 1.5 any time soon, and I'm
still running a lot of old code.

Anyway I have FB2 up and running on a nice new Linux box, and have been
testing things out to see what I need to change. I've downloaded the
latest IB_SQL to check access and the like, and I noticed that BIGINT is
a little inconsistent. The metadata extract gives BIGINT, but the source
tab shows DECIMAL(18,0) and the fields tab gives (Int64) DECIMAL(18,0).
Any chance of some consistency here Jason - although backwards
compatibility may be the problem?

Also it did seem that the metadata extract took a LOT longer to run, but
that may be the database I was accessing. It's been a long time since I
ran an extract, but I don't remember waiting minutes while it plodded
along? And this machine is a lot faster than those I used to use :)

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