Subject RE: [IBO] Re: IBO FTS (full text search) related questions
Author Jason Wharton
> Thanks for the fast answer! Now this IS what I call good developer
> support! :-)

I wish I could always answer this quickly!

> Here is what I'd need FTS for:
> I'm developing a document management system. Word documents will be
> converted to plain text and stored in a separate table (in BLOB sub-
> type 1) in the DB.
> I'm calculating with a maximum of 100.000 documents / year increase,
> thus the system should be able to handle searches among 1 million
> documents with reasonable speed on an average configuration (i.e:
> 2,5 Ghz Celeron with 1GB RAM). The average document size would be no
> more than 2000 words.
> Do you think FTS would be capable of this?

Yes, it should handle this just fine.

> BTW: I need the unicode support because the system will search among
> Hungarian language documents.


> Thank you!

We can take this discussion up further privately. Please email me at my
private email address and put [IBO_SUPPORT] in the subject line.

Jason Wharton