Subject Re: IBO FTS (full text search) related questions
Author zzotnik
Dear James,

Thanks for the fast answer! Now this IS what I call good developer
support! :-)

Here is what I'd need FTS for:
I'm developing a document management system. Word documents will be
converted to plain text and stored in a separate table (in BLOB sub-
type 1) in the DB.

I'm calculating with a maximum of 100.000 documents / year increase,
thus the system should be able to handle searches among 1 million
documents with reasonable speed on an average configuration (i.e:
2,5 Ghz Celeron with 1GB RAM). The average document size would be no
more than 2000 words.

Do you think FTS would be capable of this?

BTW: I need the unicode support because the system will search among
Hungarian language documents.

Thank you!

--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...>
> > I'm thinking about purchasing the FTS module, but I've some
> > questions before I do so:
> >
> > 1, Does the module support UNICODE full text indexing?
> I believe some modifications or at least customizations would be
in order
> since that would require use of the WideString facilities.
> I would directly work with you on this to make those needed
> I don't believe it will be too difficult to make the necessary
> > 2, Do I need to have IBO core to use the FTS module or it will
> > stand-alone?
> You would need to have at least one of these three modules along
with the
> FTS module. 1) Core, TDataset, Data Access. If this is all you
are doing
> just get the Core module and the FTS module.
> > 3, Were there any benchmark tests comparing the speed of IBO FTS
> > other Interbase/Firebird full text search products?
> Not that I am aware of.
> The rule of thumb here is my searching is nothing more than
creating index
> tables in the database and using the search capabilities of your
> itself.
> There are other solutions out there that use totally different
methods so it
> is likely there will be pros and cons for various reasons.
> > 4, Is this module still being supported and developped? The
> > documentation on the site says that "The final product will offer
> > the option to store the Search Base in a separate database,
using a
> > simple Replication utility for the auto-synchronization." Has
> > been a newer release since than? Is the current version
> > considered "final"?
> It is still supported and developed and I continue to use it in
> environments. It still needs attention and improvements in the
> documentation area.
> The replication capabilities are available as you mentioned.
> > 5, Is there a demo version available?
> There is a website you can go to that uses it internally.
> If you enter in a Registered Name and choose a search type below
you can
> test it against all of the corporation, partnership, trade name,
etc. in the
> state of Arizona.
> It was written to assist people in avoiding deceptively similar
> names.
> There are millions of names in the database and it is running on
> decent hardware, though not top of the line.
> Jason Wharton