Subject IBO FTS (full text search) related questions
Author zzotnik
Dear All,

I'm thinking about purchasing the FTS module, but I've some
questions before I do so:

1, Does the module support UNICODE full text indexing?

2, Do I need to have IBO core to use the FTS module or it will run

3, Were there any benchmark tests comparing the speed of IBO FTS to
other Interbase/Firebird full text search products?

4, Is this module still being supported and developped? The
documentation on the site says that "The final product will offer
the option to store the Search Base in a separate database, using a
simple Replication utility for the auto-synchronization." Has there
been a newer release since than? Is the current version
considered "final"?

5, Is there a demo version available?

Thanks for the answers!

All the best,