Subject Re: [IBO]D2007 install problems
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:21 AM 4/12/2007, you wrote:
>Attempting to install IBO4_8_7 into D2007 so it co-exists with D6.
>Unzipped installer and ran install. Did the first part OK then went onto
>installing into the IDE - got an error message that it clashed with another
>version, zip up the log files and send them to Jason. Couldnt find any log
>Tried opening the project group and compiling / installing the packages
>seperately. Some worked but some fell over looking for a few things like
>IB_Events - these where INT files in the source. Added the source folder to
>the library path. D2007 locked in access violations when trying to close.

I run 4 versions of Delphi on the same machine, though not D2007, with a variety of IBO versions. I keep a separate source folder for each Delphi/IBO installation pair and I make a "dcu" folder inside that folder as the destination for the dcu files (all set up in the environment paths before I begin the install). I make BPL files go to $DELPHI$\projects\bpl in all cases. I *always* install IBO from the raw source kits/BPG.

>Removed the packages from the IDE and deleted the bpl files. Ran the
>installer again - this time went all the way through - however nothing

I don't know about D2007 and paths, whether there is something nasty that overrides your own settings for package installations...

>Any ideas?

The main idea is to ensure that you are in control of where all of the compiled bits and pieces go and that Delphi knows where they are. Have you checked the path settings in the setup dialog of each BPG, to ensure that you don't have stuff from different installations going to some common place, such as the win\system32 folder?