Subject [IBO]D2007 install problems
Author Paul Hope

Attempting to install IBO4_8_7 into D2007 so it co-exists with D6.

Unzipped installer and ran install. Did the first part OK then went onto
installing into the IDE - got an error message that it clashed with another
version, zip up the log files and send them to Jason. Couldnt find any log

Tried opening the project group and compiling / installing the packages
seperately. Some worked but some fell over looking for a few things like
IB_Events - these where INT files in the source. Added the source folder to
the library path. D2007 locked in access violations when trying to close.

Removed the packages from the IDE and deleted the bpl files. Ran the
installer again - this time went all the way through - however nothing

Any ideas?


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