Subject Re: [IBO] Disable Stored Proc?
Author Ed Dressel
> This isn't an IBO question.

sorry, thought I was in the FB ng--my bad. I'll continue here, unless
you direct otherwise.

>If you want to disable the trigger for ever, you will need to
>either drop the trigger, or alter it so that it doesn't call
>the SP. If you want to disable the trigger temporarily, just
>perform an 'ALTER TRIGGER triggername INACTIVE'; and don't
>forget to do an 'ALTER TRIGGER triggername ACTIVE' again

thanks... but I really want to do this to a stored proc, not the
trigger because the stored proc is one location, the triggers are on a
lot of tables. If I can do it on the proc level, it would be:

Inactivate Poc
Update Database
Activate Proc

if I have to do it on the trigger, it is going to be a lot more work,
having to know the names of any before-update triggers each time I
alter a table