Subject Re: [IBO] Disable Stored Proc?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:27 PM 21/11/2007, you wrote:
>Can a stored proc be disable?
>What I am needing to do is stop a LastUpdated date-time field from
>being updated when I make a change to a data table.
>For example, when I add a field, then set the value of the field, the
>before update trigger will call a stored procedure with a ID of the
>master table to set the LastUpdated field with the current date/time.
>I want to disable the stored procedure from changing so that my
>changes to the table don't set the LastUpdate field for all of the

This isn't an IBO question. If you want to disable the trigger for ever, you will need to either drop the trigger, or alter it so that it doesn't call the SP. If you want to disable the trigger temporarily, just perform an 'ALTER TRIGGER triggername INACTIVE'; and don't forget to do an 'ALTER TRIGGER triggername ACTIVE' again afterwards.

For any of these operations you need to be either SYSDBA or the owner of the table to do these changes.