Subject Re: [IBO] Linux server dropout
Author Lester Caine
Lester Caine wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>>>> Anybody got any ideas why I should be getting problems with this running into
>>>> Linux? Any suggestions what I need to look at to find out how to fix it! One
>>>> thought was the time-out on the connection, but why would that be a problem.
>>>> The Linux server is a fast AMD based 64 bit machine and we have been finding a
>>>> few niggles with this set-up and PHP, but it should be stable on legacy
>>>> connections?
>>> OK Just dropped out again - and I have three INET-104 errors in the Firebird
>>> log. I'm just not sure why the program is bombing if it miss reads :(
>> No messages in the log following the next drop-out.
>> I have a MainSessionError set up which should be giving an error message
>> pop-up before closing the program, but this seems to be bypassed by what ever
>> is causing the crash :(
> I've added some extra logging of connection stuff, but since killing the
> sophos anti-virus the machine has run perfectly today. I'll give it a few more
> days but either the anti-virus was messing with traffic, or the extra checks
> I've added have changed something. To prove a point I'll leave alone until mid
> week and then drop back to the previous build to see if that is also stable.

OK I'm not out of the woods here :(
All that killing the anti-virus crap has done is allowed the machine to run a
lot faster, so that a restart is completed faster. While this is only
happening three or four times a day, it's making IBObjects unusable with Linux
servers. I've had to switch back to Windows for next week to keep the customer
happy, but the path forward means that I MUST sort this out.

Even the extra logging added to the BCB6 program has not been fired when the
program closes. There is nothing in the Firebird log that reliably corresponds
with the crash. Everything I throw at the program to try and create the
problem simply gives a 'clean' error report. The same program is running on a
number of windows powered sites without any problem, and I expect to see no
restarts in the coming week. It's only one of the programs connected to
Firebird at the time and the others carry on fine - restarting the failed
program when it is found to have stopped on the next minute. While I can
modify checking to ensure a faster restart after a crash, the ticket printer
then throws out a '9999' test ticket which it would be difficult to prevent.

ANY ideas what I can try next ????
Jason please - what on the database connection side could cause an immediate

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