Subject Re: [IBO] Linux server dropout
Author Lester Caine
Lester Caine wrote:
>>> Anybody got any ideas why I should be getting problems with this running into
>>> Linux? Any suggestions what I need to look at to find out how to fix it! One
>>> thought was the time-out on the connection, but why would that be a problem.
>>> The Linux server is a fast AMD based 64 bit machine and we have been finding a
>>> few niggles with this set-up and PHP, but it should be stable on legacy
>>> connections?
>> OK Just dropped out again - and I have three INET-104 errors in the Firebird
>> log. I'm just not sure why the program is bombing if it miss reads :(
> No messages in the log following the next drop-out.
> I have a MainSessionError set up which should be giving an error message
> pop-up before closing the program, but this seems to be bypassed by what ever
> is causing the crash :(

I've added some extra logging of connection stuff, but since killing the
sophos anti-virus the machine has run perfectly today. I'll give it a few more
days but either the anti-virus was messing with traffic, or the extra checks
I've added have changed something. To prove a point I'll leave alone until mid
week and then drop back to the previous build to see if that is also stable.

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