Subject Linux server dropout
Author Lester Caine
I'll start here since the problem only seems to be affecting the IBObjects
links. Actually only one application seems to be affected.

I've a number of legacy applications that are running reliably into windows
Firebird servers across the UK. But in the interest of progress I'm trying to
switch to Linux servers and people may have been following the fun with this
in the Firebird list ;)

Following problems overnight at a site, I've got the database back onto the
Linux server and the reason for moving back to windows here is causing
niggles! The main application that interfaces to all the hardware keeps
dropping out occasionally. I have a monitoring system which restarts it and
which is not seeing any problems with access to the database, and the database
has run fine on the windows server for the last week.

Anybody got any ideas why I should be getting problems with this running into
Linux? Any suggestions what I need to look at to find out how to fix it! One
thought was the time-out on the connection, but why would that be a problem.
The Linux server is a fast AMD based 64 bit machine and we have been finding a
few niggles with this set-up and PHP, but it should be stable on legacy

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