Subject RE: [IBO] ANN: IBODMLCachingWrapper component for TIBO* access components
Author Jason Wharton

> Thanks. There might be also a technical issue, because the
> obvious way
> would have been to simply set the DMLCacheFlags property for the
> InternalDataset, but this one won't work for the update
> refresh thingy,
> because there is somewhere a check if StatementCountLink is
> greater 0,
> which isn't the case for e.g. a TIBOQuery.
> What I have done in the component is exposing the
> DMLCacheFlags property
> to the user *and* added some kind of default handler for the
> OnDMLCacheReceivedItem event of the InternalDataset.

Yes, this is correct. It isn't as simple as just making the properties
visible. Not all of the internal actions of the InternalDataset would
trigger the necessary TDataset buffer refresing that is required. I presume
you have done some use-case testing and found this to be the case.

Thanks for taking some time on this!

Jason Wharton