Subject Re: [IBO] ANN: IBODMLCachingWrapper component for TIBO* access components
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Jason,

>>I've created a non-visual component called
>>IBODMLCachingWrapper, which
>>basically allows you to use the IBObjects DML Caching feature
>>with your
>>TIBO* access components like TIBOQuery, ...
>>The component simply exposes a published DMLCacheFlags
>>property equally
>>to the TIB_* native components and does the necessary
>>refreshing behind
>>the scenes.
>>The component also enables you to use Global DML Caching with
>>your TIBO*
>>access components.
>>The source of the component, including a Delphi 2006 package is
>>available here:
>>More information on DML Caching is available in the following
>>tech info sheet:
> That's a great idea. There is no reason that DML caching is not viable on
> the TIBODataset side of things. I think I made a decision in the past not
> to publish its capabilities because I was worried people would get too
> turned off by so many published properties. So, I technically support and
> applaud the effort to make this functionality available there.

Thanks. There might be also a technical issue, because the obvious way
would have been to simply set the DMLCacheFlags property for the
InternalDataset, but this one won't work for the update refresh thingy,
because there is somewhere a check if StatementCountLink is greater 0,
which isn't the case for e.g. a TIBOQuery.

What I have done in the component is exposing the DMLCacheFlags property
to the user *and* added some kind of default handler for the
OnDMLCacheReceivedItem event of the InternalDataset.

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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