Subject RE: [IBO] ANN: IBODMLCachingWrapper component for TIBO* access components
Author Jason Wharton

> I've created a non-visual component called
> IBODMLCachingWrapper, which
> basically allows you to use the IBObjects DML Caching feature
> with your
> TIBO* access components like TIBOQuery, ...
> The component simply exposes a published DMLCacheFlags
> property equally
> to the TIB_* native components and does the necessary
> refreshing behind
> the scenes.
> The component also enables you to use Global DML Caching with
> your TIBO*
> access components.
> The source of the component, including a Delphi 2006 package is
> available here:
> More information on DML Caching is available in the following
> tech info sheet:

That's a great idea. There is no reason that DML caching is not viable on
the TIBODataset side of things. I think I made a decision in the past not
to publish its capabilities because I was worried people would get too
turned off by so many published properties. So, I technically support and
applaud the effort to make this functionality available there.

Jason Wharton