Subject RE: [IBO] Re: TIBODataset and EXECUTE PROCEDURE with output parameters
Author Jason Wharton
> You're creating the params yourself? Cause I haven't. IBO
> creates them for me when I do a "Prepare". It also detects
> "input/output", but I just cannot get a result.

I did not manually create these param instances.
These were created at design-time automatically.
They should be created dynamically at run-time when the dataset or statement
is prepared.

I'll play around with it a bit more.

As you can see, it's rarely something stupid and simple. That's why I
generally like all the information I can get, especially including sample

> In other news, did you get my test project about re-using the
> same TIBOQuery
> with different (or the same!) statements and the error that
> you get then?

I do have, unfortunately, a bit of a backlog of items to work on. It is
very likely there if you posted it to this group. I don't recall off the
top of my head. But, I am quite ill today so I am not at my sharpest mental
state either.

Feel free to resent it to be sure I don't mismanage it.

Jason Wharton