Subject RE: [IBO] SQL-cursor (icon)
Author Jason Wharton

> our application is being transformed from BDE to IBObjects. All seems
> to go perfect, one little question however:
> while starting the application, several parameters are being read (in
> some tables in the database) and the cursor on screen "flashes" on/off
> SQL. No error, but is there a possibility to hide this at the
> startup-fase ? Some users might think that the application is having
> some trouble ?
> I checked out the IB_Connection-properties but can't seem to find any
> way to hide this cursor (temporarily).
> Any ideas or suggestions ?

The most ideal thing you should do is this:

MyConnection.BeginBusy( false );
... { The code that does all the stuff that causes flickering }

What happens is this turn on the hourglass and it stays on while everyting
inside is being done and then it turns it off when everything is done.
Makes for a nice and smoothe presentation and it greatly improves the
performance of your application.