Subject RE: [IBO] Problems with strech (JPEGImage)
Author Jason Wharton
> At 09:24 PM 26/10/2007, you wrote:
> >Hi
> >I am using TIB_JPEGImage for showing some picture.
> >My problem is.
> >I set
> >Stretch = True
> >Center = True
> >AutoSize = False (the real picture is smalleer)
> >
> >the picture dosent strecth like I need
> >she put the original picture in the center and the rest is
> filled with
> >color White (Component Color).
> >any advice ?
> I think you want Autosize = True
> This should cause the image to be scaled up to fit into the
> TPicture, which seems to be what you really wanted to happen...

If they want the picture to automatically stretch to fit the size they make
the control then this would be conflicted by AutoSize being true because
that will allow the actual dimensions of the control to be determined by the
dimensions of the image. Then, the control wouldn't stay in the
pre-determined space they wanted it to.

I'm probably going to need to play with a sample application. Fortunately,
the code for this control is pretty simple as the painting routines are not
that complicated. It's probably not going to be hard to address.