Subject Re: [IBO] Using Japanese characters with IBO and Firebird 1.5 in C++Builder on E
Author justin.hendo
Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the reply. I had specified the IB_Connection CharSet as
UNICODE_FSS and was using an IB_Query component. Is there somewhere
else that I needed to stipulate a CharSet?

I suspect that a lot of my problem might be with the edit controls I
was using (and perhaps how I was using them). I tried using TAdvEdit,
TIB_Edit, TMemo, and TAdvStringGrid. The WideCell abilities of
TAdvStringGrid looked promising, but when the Japanese character was
entered, the cell immediately displayed ?? (this was before any
attempt was made to write the WideCell data to the database). I fear
there must be something basic that I'm missing.

I have however, found that the TRichEdit control works well for me -
in that I can store the TRichEdit data to a TMemoryStream, which I can
write to a blob field. The character set information seems to get
stored with the TRichEdit data, so when I load the data back into the
TRichEdit control, it displays correctly.

I think I'll revisit the character set, IBO, edit control battle a
little later on, but for now, the TRichEdit and Blob field solution
will suit my needs. My solution might not be very elegant or
efficient, but I'm working with a small set of data and will never
have more than one client connection at one time.

Thanks again for your reply,