Subject Using Japanese characters with IBO and Firebird 1.5 in C++Builder on English OS
Author justin.hendo
Hi, I am a newbie, so be gentle :)

I am attempting to build a C++Builder application, that will run on an
English OS, that needs to allow Japanese character input (via
Microsoft's IME), and that can store the data to a Firebird 1.5 database.
I have made a database with a default character set of UNICODE_FSS.
I have used TIB_Query to do the reads, updates and inserts.
I have tried using IB_Edit to display the data, but I fear that it
does not correctly handle the Japanese characters when entered. It
handles the English characters OK.
I tried using data-unaware controls and manually writing data to and
from the database (using ->AsWideString), but the data that was
entered only gets displayed as ??? chars.

I assume that many many people have wanted to do similar things, so
rather than re-inventing the wheel, I figured I should simply ask for
direction. So..
What C++Builder VCL controls do people recommend for working with
Japanese characters.
Are there any data-aware controls that I should try using?
Are the IBObject data-aware controls recommended?
Is specifying the database character set of UNICODE_FSS the wise thing
to do?

Any advice would be much appreciated.