Subject RE: [IBO]Desperate for D6 Help
Author Paul Hope
I really appreciate the help so far.

Looks like I've finally got to the bottom of it.

I was hoping not to have to reinstall Delphi and all my packages because it
takes about 3 days :-/

I had made a change to TIB_Grid which looked innocent enough but removing it
removed the problem.

I am attempting to create a derivitive of TIB_Grid which changes the height
of each row according to the amount of text in a memo field obtained via an
OnGetRowHeight event. Some changed had to be made to IB_Grid itself to
accommodate this.

Problem is now I really want to put it back so any suggestion as to what may
be wrong with it would be very welcome.

Defined as follows in TIB_CustomGrid

TIB_GetRowHeightEvent = procedure( Sender: TObject;
ARow: longint;
var ARowHeight: integer) of object;
FOnGetRowHeight: TIB_GetRowHeightEvent;
property OnGetRowHeight: TIB_GetRowHeightEvent read FOnGetRowHeight write

The above is all it needs to access violate when placed on a form, I call it
in DrawCell but it violates without that code.

Any idea why this doesn't work?


> You may want to take a look at the (user) registry details
> for Delphi6. You will find where it records package loads.
> After uninstalling IBO and your other offending packages try
> also removing all references from the registry (taking care to
> backup first of course :-). Also check the defproj.dof text
> file in the Delphi6\bin folder for references to the
> offending packages.
> [I believe that sometimes there are package load order issues
> and the registry and default project files can hold old
> details and so keep bad behaviour even after packages are rebuilt.]
> I have also _always_ had a problem with my custom FastReport
> package - where a get an error whenever I rebuild the design-
> time package, but restarting Delphi makes the problem go away.
> (Of course you will be sure to search your disk for packages
> that may have accidently gotten saved in the wrong location
> and be getting loaded even when out of date.)
> I recently had to re-install my entire system after something
> went for a walk over my HDD (files with their content changed
> but no size or timestamp changes). Delphi6 seems to be
> working more smoothly after the reinstall (make sure you do
> have the service pack 2 update before you try reinstall).
> Certainly the online registration thingy still seems to work
> so Borland or Codegear or someone is still running some level
> of support for the product.
> If rebuilding and checking the packages did not help then
> reinstalling Delphi may.
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