Subject RE: [IBO]Desperate for D6 Help
Author Paul Hope
Hello Helen

I may have missinterpreted your first question D6 is the most recent version
of Delphi - but we have been using it for about 5 years! So I am used to
the rtl. Something went wrong after I recomplied my package to add another
non IBO related component. After that I could not use either of 2
components descended from TIB_Grid. After that I reinstalled IBO, removed
my package, created a new one with just a simple derivitive of TIB_Grid in
it and it failed.

I agree it must be a D6 thing - I'll see if CodeGear still do charged
support :-(


> >Yes - D6 is the most recent. We looked at D2007 but nobody
> at CodeGear
> >would tell me what the issues might be in porting D6
> components so we
> >havent done anything.
> >
> >In the meantime I have production systems to support ;-/
> >
> >Are you implying that IBO 4.7.16 may not be supported on D6?
> No, not at all! Of course it is! D6 has been around for
> nearly 7 years! This is not an IBO issue, it's a Delphi one.
> Unlike earlier versions of Delphi, the RTL doesn't have a
> fraction of the stuff it had previously. New rules apply and
> things got moved around.
> The conservative thing to do will be to rebuild your
> component on the latest version of IBO which, all being well,
> will already be linked to the right places for the calls that
> used to be in the RTL. Do the same for anything you have
> that was inherited in the old VCL.
> If you find you need tips and how-tos for working with the
> changed rules, try Googling "Delphi 6" and "rtl". I seem to
> recall Jeff Overcash had an article which was high-handed and
> pretty useless; Marco Cantu had some articles and I believe
> Bob Swart ("Dr Bob") did too. I seem to recall also a
> conference paper from Borcon 2000 or 2001 on the topic...
> Helen