Subject RE: [IBO]Desperate for D6 Help
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:38 PM 23/10/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Helen
>Yes - D6 is the most recent. We looked at D2007 but nobody at CodeGear
>would tell me what the issues might be in porting D6 components so we havent
>done anything.
>In the meantime I have production systems to support ;-/
>Are you implying that IBO 4.7.16 may not be supported on D6?

No, not at all! Of course it is! D6 has been around for nearly 7 years! This is not an IBO issue, it's a Delphi one. Unlike earlier versions of Delphi, the RTL doesn't have a fraction of the stuff it had previously. New rules apply and things got moved around.

The conservative thing to do will be to rebuild your component on the latest version of IBO which, all being well, will already be linked to the right places for the calls that used to be in the RTL. Do the same for anything you have that was inherited in the old VCL.

If you find you need tips and how-tos for working with the changed rules, try Googling "Delphi 6" and "rtl". I seem to recall Jeff Overcash had an article which was high-handed and pretty useless; Marco Cantu had some articles and I believe Bob Swart ("Dr Bob") did too. I seem to recall also a conference paper from Borcon 2000 or 2001 on the topic...