Subject RE: [IBO]Desperate for D6 Help
Author Paul Hope
Hi Helen

Yes - D6 is the most recent. We looked at D2007 but nobody at CodeGear
would tell me what the issues might be in porting D6 components so we havent
done anything.

In the meantime I have production systems to support ;-/

Are you implying that IBO 4.7.16 may not be supported on D6?


> >This is sightly OT but I'm getting desperate and would
> appreciate any
> >suggestions...
> >
> >Something has changed in my D6 environment, when I try to drop a
> >derivitive of TIB_Grid on a form I get an access violation
> in rtl60.bpl.
> >
> >I have removed my package and all of IBO and its bpls.
> Then reinstalled
> >IBO. Created a new package and put a derivitive of TIB_Grid in it.
> >This derivitive has no code it just inherits from TIB_Grid.
> If I open
> >a new project and try and drop the derivitive on it I get
> the access violation.
> >I can drop a TIB_Grid itself on the form OK.
> >
> >If I create the derivitive at run time from a button OnClick
> it creates OK.
> >
> >Any help much appreciated
> Tell us if Delphi 6 is the most recent Delphi version you
> have tried to use (and thus you don't know about the radical
> changes in the RTL from D6-onward...)
> Helen