Subject Re: [IBO]Desperate for D6 Help
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Paul,

I still use Delphi6 too (I tried Delphi7 but was not impressed,
have not looked at what has happened since because I dont do
as much Delphi work as I used to).

You may want to take a look at the (user) registry details for
Delphi6. You will find where it records package loads. After
uninstalling IBO and your other offending packages try also
removing all references from the registry (taking care to
backup first of course :-). Also check the defproj.dof text
file in the Delphi6\bin folder for references to the offending

[I believe that sometimes there are package load order issues
and the registry and default project files can hold old details
and so keep bad behaviour even after packages are rebuilt.]

I have also _always_ had a problem with my custom FastReport
package - where a get an error whenever I rebuild the design-
time package, but restarting Delphi makes the problem go away.

(Of course you will be sure to search your disk for packages
that may have accidently gotten saved in the wrong location
and be getting loaded even when out of date.)

I recently had to re-install my entire system after something
went for a walk over my HDD (files with their content changed
but no size or timestamp changes). Delphi6 seems to be
working more smoothly after the reinstall (make sure you do
have the service pack 2 update before you try reinstall).
Certainly the online registration thingy still seems to work
so Borland or Codegear or someone is still running some level
of support for the product.

If rebuilding and checking the packages did not help then
reinstalling Delphi may.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing