Subject Re: [IBO] Updating column in grid with joined query
Author Lucas Franzen
John Costanzo schrieb:
> Hello:
> I have a TIB_Grid that displays the results of a TIB_Query that has
> joined tables. It appears that because the tables are joined I am
> unable to edit any fields in the grid. It seems that the result set
> is by default read only even though I have RequestLibe set to True and
> I open for update. I want my users to have the ability to directly
> edit a field in the grid. Is there a way to accomplish this?

If you want to have one table within the columns updatable set the
KeyRelation property to this one.
Remember to set appropriate the KeyLinks.

Using the EditSQL property of the IB_Query you can also have all sides
updatable by invoking a stored procedure that's doing the job.