Subject Re: [IBO] Updating column in grid with joined query
Author John Costanzo
Thanks. Worked great!

--- In, Lucas Franzen <luc@...> wrote:
> John Costanzo schrieb:
> > Hello:
> >
> > I have a TIB_Grid that displays the results of a TIB_Query that
> > joined tables. It appears that because the tables are joined I
> > unable to edit any fields in the grid. It seems that the result
> > is by default read only even though I have RequestLibe set to
True and
> > I open for update. I want my users to have the ability to
> > edit a field in the grid. Is there a way to accomplish this?
> If you want to have one table within the columns updatable set the
> KeyRelation property to this one.
> Remember to set appropriate the KeyLinks.
> Using the EditSQL property of the IB_Query you can also have all
> updatable by invoking a stored procedure that's doing the job.
> Luc.