Subject RE: [IBO] Transaction.Refresh(True)
Author Alan McDonald
> I've just upgraded an oldish application to the latest IBO 4.6.B
> from maybe
> 4.5 something.
> I notice that the Transaction.Refresh(true) which I relied on quite a bit,
> no longer refreshes the connected queries.
> I now have to manually open and close them.
> This has to be an issue with someone else no?
> regards
> Alan McDonald

I've narrowed this issue down to the transaction timeout properties.
If the transaction has timedout, a refresh will not restart it.

2 questions.
1. Help file talks plenty about "end[ing] a transaction that is no longer
needed by the system." but never explains what properties it relies on to
decide it is no longer needed. Can someone enlighten me please?

2. I've never set or used timeoutprops before. Is there something special
about these with regard to readonly transactions/queries?