Subject Re: [IBO] good it is??
Author Artur Anjos
Carlos GarcĂ­a Trujillo wrote:
> i was reading here and there that zebedde is an option to can access
> firebird over internet with good speed...
It depends. There are many factors that could impact performance:
1) internet connection used by the server;
2) internet connection used by the client;
The main problem that use to affect 1) is trying to use a common ADSL
line. This type of lines use to have a good download speed, but very bad
upload speed.
One thing that will affect 1) and 2) is latency.

3) Best program practices
Your software should be "aware" of the slow link. For example, "prepare
once and use many" is a must for slow links.
Quantity of fetch records is important as well, but in that case ZeBeDee
is quite good.

</start pub>
There are companies in the net that offer you this solution
pre-configured (DB Hosting + ZeBeDee)
Please see
</end pub>

> but i want to know how good really this tool is??? it is comparable
> the speed with zebedee with the speed of a 3-tier like Asta???
I never used Asta, but I think the speed will be much better. A 3-tier
will always have beneficts.
> anybody here is using zebedee with real success???
Yes. :-)
> what the IBO staff recomends in this cases??? i cant buy terminal
> service licenses, because would be too many clients... any other
> tip???
You have a TS like - see // - that have special
prices for go-global "named applications". the price is higher than
Terminal Services, but you will need just to buy licences for
simultaneous users, and you will get access to your application from
everywhere (you just need a browser).