Subject Re: [IBO] IBOServices and FB2 RC4
Author Martijn Tonies

> I've taken the bold step to upgrade from FB1.5.3 to FB2RC4
> Now I need to know if my backup-restore module written into my software,
> using IBO, and using the IBOServices by Mengoni, will still be working
> properly.
> I tried a backup, and it worked just fine. I tried a restore and it worked
> just fine.
> How do I know if the OnDiscStructure(ODS) of the *.fdb backed up and
> restored is now the version ODS11 of FB2.0RC4?
> If the backup - restore worked, can I accept that it is now ODS11?

A "restore" operation always uses the latest ODS of the server, as it
a new database and the server will always use the newest ODS when
creating a database.

> If I copy this *.fdb database, now restored on FB2.0RC4 machine to a
> machine, will it still work?

If ODS11 is a new ODS created by Firebird 2, then - obviously - Firebird
1.5 will not be able to read and use it.

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