Subject Re: [IBO] Just one quick question about IB_SearchEdit
Author Erik Mlakar
>Just one quick question about IB_SearchEdit.
>My example it's very close that you have in example »Searching Links«
>My problem is next: first two fields I manage correctly. The third
>field wicht it's nothing special. It' s very close to my second field.
>This statement is (»in prepare statment« )
>I also set OrderingItems on the three fields and orderingLinks and
>The problem is next: when I click on the address column the whole Grid
>is empty ( it shouldn't be empty it should be all values that are in
>the table), when I insert first value into IB_SearchEdit it's working
>Why is the grid emtpy when I clicked on the column »Address«

When the set goes into dssSearch state, the
contents of the set become unknown. Once the
search *finds* records that match the search key,
you will have a new set in the dataset buffer and
the controls will begin displaying them. When
the search completes, the set's state changes to
dssBrowse and you will be able to navigate it.

>or I
>change value in ComboBox it should be working it is like in a example?

I don't know where a ComboBox fits into this picture...could you explain?
When I change ComboBox Items it's like I clicked on the column, just like in a example.

After I cliked on column 'Address' the dateset is in a dssBrowse state. What is the diference between my second and this field (in example works very good). The declaration it's very close. How can I get all the values from a table, after I clicked on the column Address.

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