Subject Just one quick question about IB_SearchEdit
Author erikmlakar
Just one quick question about IB_SearchEdit.

My example it's very close that you have in example »Searching Links«

My problem is next: first two fields I manage correctly. The third
field wicht it's nothing special. It' s very close to my second field.
This statement is (»in prepare statment« )


I also set OrderingItems on the three fields and orderingLinks and

The problem is next: when I click on the address column the whole Grid
is empty ( it shouldn't be empty it should be all values that are in
the table), when I insert first value into IB_SearchEdit it's working

Why is the grid emtpy when I clicked on the column »Address« or I
change value in ComboBox it should be working it is like in a example?

Best Regards