Subject Re: [IBO] Spam on this yahoo group
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hi Ian!

Our email addresses are not displayed if connecting through to read messages, but there is an option to receive
individual emails that display the email address of the originating
sender and if looking at the messages through it is also
possible to see who we are. There is also an option of daily digest at
the yahoogroups, and I am uncertain whether that displays the email
addresses or not.

But in short - yes, the email addresses may leak and if someone
receiving individual emails is either infected with a virus or an email
collecting engine is amongst the subscribers on this list (members are
accepted or rejected, but I doubt anyone would be suspicious if someone
subscribed through a fake name to collect email addresses and never
posted messages to the list), then it is likely that spam will start to
flood our "emailboxes".

Myself, I've suspected a member of the Firebird Foundation to be
infected, since I've received quite a few viruses/spam allegedly from
people I know and meet at the Firebird Conference, but from a computer
often sending through (none of my virus sending firebird
friends live in Romania).


ian.macintosh wrote:
> FYI, I created this account on yahoo groups a couple of days back
> after downloading the IBO Evaluation and hitting my first problem. I
> am now receiving spam on the email address I signed up on.
> To my knowledge, my email address is not displayed anywhere. How did
> it leak?
> Regards,
> Ian.