Subject Re: [IBO] Spam on this yahoo group
Author ian.macintosh
> It didn't leak. Yahoo "features" are opt-out, not opt-in. If you go
> to your account for this list and log in, you will be able to switch
> all the garbage stuff off. Also take the "plain text" option and set
> up your email client to post in plain text. That avoid nasties like
> javascripts being attached to your messages by Yahoo marketing.

The content of the message is:
Good news for you.

PHARMACY directly from the manufacturer,
Economize up to 60 % with us

Well-it could be worse, Floyd said in a repellently cheery fashion.
I was about to curse him out when he got just the answer he deserved.
And it will be. You will be dead, the man said from the other side
and the message header is:

Received: from ([]) by
ESMTP; Tue, 29 Aug 2006 03:58:29 +1200
Received: by with SMTP id dnRqWMG;
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:58:18 -0700
Message-ID: <000001c6caba$c7390b10$682ba8c0@uppjkow>
Reply-To: "James Kilroy" <gerlauwhitesid@...>
From: "James Kilroy" <gerlauwhitesid@...>
Subject: Re: kiyoRX
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:58:18 -0700
Return-Path: <gerlauwhitesid@...>

Definately not opt-out type email from yahoo.

The source IP address range belongs to

Bit fishy.