Subject Terminal server and the FAQ on
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
For security reasons, we have two completely separate networks with no
interaction whatsoever without using a memory stick or similar to
transfer data. We're considering changes and I thought I should look up
if there was anything to consider regarding IBO if we chose something
like a 'terminal server'. I didn't find anything on this list and
decided to try the FAQ on Clicking on the links from
the front page both got me to the Community shop! It wasn't difficult to
find the FAQ from the community shop, but I was surprised that I wasn't
taken directly to the FAQ. Is this a mistake?

Another thing was that the 'Events' page talked about the upcoming 3rd
Firebird conference in November, a sign that this particular page hasn't
been updated for almost a year.

And I didn't find anything about terminal server. Can I just rest
assured that IBO will work OK without modifications?