Subject Re: [IBO] Terminal server and the FAQ on
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:40 PM 10/08/2006, you wrote:
>For security reasons, we have two completely separate networks with no
>interaction whatsoever without using a memory stick or similar to
>transfer data. We're considering changes and I thought I should look up
>if there was anything to consider regarding IBO if we chose something
>like a 'terminal server'. I didn't find anything on this list and
>decided to try the FAQ on Clicking on the links from
>the front page both got me to the Community shop! It wasn't difficult to
>find the FAQ from the community shop, but I was surprised that I wasn't
>taken directly to the FAQ. Is this a mistake?

I don't think so. Jason has done some alterations to the community
main page lately, and I suspect that routing the FAQ launcher via
that main page is a step in his plan to shift everything to the
community site eventually and abandon the static HTML site
altogether. I'm glad that you noticed it though - I hadn't -
although in recent months I have taken the precaution of downloading
any pages before I update them, having previously bumped into changes
Jason forgot to tell me about.

>Another thing was that the 'Events' page talked about the upcoming 3rd
>Firebird conference in November, a sign that this particular page hasn't
>been updated for almost a year.

True, it hasn't. On my To-do list.

>And I didn't find anything about terminal server. Can I just rest
>assured that IBO will work OK without modifications?

Depends on how flexibly you implement connections. Anything with a
local client will have to be cpTCP_IP and use the IP address or
static hostname of the local node. I don't have a system to test on
but I've heard claims that cpNetBEUI won't work.