Subject IB_Datapump sample code
Is there sample code for this component somewhere?

For the dest. query, if I try setting the SQL to an insert, then
when I do the Prepare, I get "Invalid dml column reference: "Def Status" ".

If I try setting the SQL to a select, then using the TIB_Query's property
editor to generate the insert SQL, I don't get the error above but nothing
happens, either.

Here's the insert SQL:

("Def Status", "Name", ID,
"Accounts", "Grand Total",
"Grand Tax", "Year Total",
"Year Tax", "Month Total",
"Month Tax", "Week Total",
"Week Tax") VALUES (
:"Def Status",
:"Grand Total",
:"Grand Tax",
:"Year Total",
:"Year Tax",
:"Month Total",
:"Month Tax",
:"Week Total",
:"Week Tax"

The column is quoted, but I'm getting the impression that this isn't the
but that there's some property I haven't set correctly in one of the

Also, it isn't evident to me how one handles transactions here. ISTM that
by default,
AutoCommit is used. But suppose I have a very large dataset to move, and I
to batch the commits. May use OnAfterFetchRow to do a commit from time to

Michael D. Spence
Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.

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